Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a piano be tuned?

This answer depends on many factors, including how often you use the piano and where it is situated, however twice a year is a generally safe answer.

How do I find a good piano tuner?

My answer will always be from personal recommendation; there is no better guarantee of good work. I much prefer this form of introduction as there will be a degree of trust already established, which is vital in this sort of professional relationship.

If the piano isn't played, does it still need to be tuned?

Pianos go out of tune for many reasons, climate and humidity change are the biggest culprits however your technician is also there to keep your piano moth and damp free and in good order generally.

If your instrument is truly not required in your home any more then it is strongly advised that you find it a new home in which it can again be played enjoyed and loved.

Where in a room do I put my piano?

Generally it is recommended that a piano should not be situated in direct sunlight or within six feet of a working radiator, other factors should be considered but they are unique to each situation.

What will be the life of my piano?

Given that the piano is maintained to a good standard and that it is kept in a satisfactory environment, there is every expectation that a good instrument will give a lifetime of service and pleasure.

What makes a good piano?

The most important consideration is the quality of the materials put into the construction of the instrument. Then the dedication, experience and expertise of the craftsmen who build it, however it has to be said that however expensive a piano is, if you don't like it for whatever reason, it is not the piano for you.


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